Vitro Architectural Glass’ Salem, Oregon, location (4004 Fairview Industrial Dr. S.E.) will close due to unfavorable market conditions. Photo: Google Earth.

Vitro Architectural Glass is closing its Salem, Oregon, plant. According to Bill Haley, vice president of U.S. operations, the decision was made “after careful consideration of current and future market conditions and operational costs. Factors contributing to unfavorable economic conditions include building occupancy, inflationary pressure and the impact of high interest rates on commercial construction.”

The company expects the facility closure to take several months. The location has 37 employees. According to Haley, some are being considered for open positions at other Vitro facilities.

“Additionally, we have been working with the State of Oregon Employment Services and local companies who have shared openings,” he says.

The plant is a stand-alone facility that applies MSVD coatings to glass produced at Vitro float plants (which are also equipped with MSVD coating capabilities). It has been operating since 1997. Vitro works directly with customers supplied by the Salem facility to arrange alternative logistics.

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  1. It’s too bad this town is so close to Portland, and has become overly ‘woke’ since the plant originally opened. I would close this location down before any other too. Who wants employees who handle glass all day doing whatever drugs they want.

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