Vitrum 2015, the 19th international trade show dedicated to machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing, opened today at Rho Fiera Milano in Italy. The event runs through October 9 and attracts companies and visitors worldwide. The show will feature new innovations and technologies applied to industrial glass, glass for the building industry, furniture and home interiors, and for the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Vitrum President Dino Zandonella Necca inaugurated the opening of the event today. “Visitors to Vitrum 2015 will not only be able to preview the very best technology applied to glass and showcased by companies from throughout the world, but will also be able to discover interesting cultural aspects inherent in this invaluable material at the “GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED” exhibition,” said Necca. “The exhibition illustrates the use of glass in the history, design and architecture, an overview of how glass is used in premium production.”

Necca added that the organization of this year’s event required a lot of teamwork. This, he said, gave rise to joint initiatives, such as the 30th ATIV Conference, the presentation of the projects developed by the Milan Polytechnic University students at the workshop promoted by Vitrum, and a group stand dedicated to hollow glass showcasing Italy’s finest production.

“All this was also made possible by the partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency),” he said, adding, “We are moving in the right direction and hope this will be an extraordinary Vitrum show for all of us”. The special event, “GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED” is a showcase of the past, present and future of glass. It includes three main sections: glass in history and design; glass the key player in architecture; and glass and new technologies. As part of this program, the section focusing on research and experiments was set up by the Polytechnic University of Milan. The concepts and prototypes on display were developed by students from the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Freiburg at a workshop promoted by Vitrum at the two universities.

Also, on Thursday, October 8, a whole day will be dedicated to innovation in technology and production in flat and hollow glass. This comes as a result of a joint effort with the Association of Italian Glass Technicians (ATIV), which organized its 30th annual conference in partnership with Vitrum. The theme is “Advances in glass processes: key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass.”