The Vitrum 2019 organizational staff has created a way to make the show floor simpler to navigate for visitors.

“Throughout the 2017 edition, we paid attention to the needs expressed by the participants – exhibitors, trade professionals, visitors, associations and institutions – and we carefully analyzed the feedback that came in after the event,” says president Dino Zandonella Necca. “Driven by the findings in this review, we agreed it was time to focus on some specific themes: themes that we can transform into exciting opportunities for greater visibility for all exhibitors.”

Vitrum 2019 will have an innovative look, one that turns the exhibitors’ need for visibility into descriptive themed pathways, each with its own immediately recognizable logo: flat glass, hollow glass, fenestration, solar, automotive, printing and coating, environment, testing, research, software and control, associations and international press.

The categories are representations of the macro-categories in which the exhibitors operate, which they can use to clearly identify their own specialization or specializations. Each exhibitor can choose to use one or more logos.

The Vitrum specialized logos will be affixed in clear view at the exhibitors’ stands during the four days of the show, and will also be printed in the Vitrum 2019 catalog, alongside the company name, and on the show maps (given to visitors) that provide stand locations.

The maps will be the core tool in this innovative means of communication because they will show the designated themed pathways to help visitors plan their itineraries inside the show, based on their specific interests.