The Voilàp group has finalized an agreement to purchase 80% of the share capital of Mecal, an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of machinery and systems for processing aluminum and light alloys. Full implementation of this operation is planned during the first quarter of 2020.

Mecal was founded in 1978 by Ennio Cavezzale and Rosella Meschini, and is one of the principal manufacturers in the sector for aluminum processing equipment in Italy and internationally, according to the company. It has around 150 employees and, in 2019, recorded a turnover of more than 30 million euros, of which more than 75% was generated abroad. Its manufacturing plant is based in Frascarolo, Italy, and covers approximately 473,612 square feet.

Commenting on the company’s fifth major acquisition in the last six years, Voilàp group president Valter Caiumi says, “First of all, I would like to emphasize that our group’s growth strategy is evolving rigorously and methodically by integrating with different kinds of industries which are all compatible and complementary with the strategic guidelines drawn for its development. Mecal fits perfectly into our group’s historical core business, which we call our industrial division, further reinforcing our existing leadership in the world of aluminum processing, PVC and light alloys through our Elumatec, Emmegi and Tekna brands. This latest acquisition will put us on course for a turnover of over 350 million euros and will increase the 300-year history of our group, a figure we base on the total years of experience of our component companies.”

He adds, “Mecal becomes part of our group and, as with previous experiences, Voilàp holding will implement strategies that will consolidate and strengthen the incoming brand, confirming the strategic guidelines already established. From an industrial point of view, Mecal will enable our group to use its impressive production structures and the top-level technologies in which it has effectively invested in recent years, allowing us to develop important synergies and consolidate Voilàp holding’s position of leadership.”