Wausau Window and Wall Systems recently opened a new production training laboratory. Funding for the new lab was coordinated through the City of Wausau’s Economic Development Committee with a training grant from the Judd S. Alexander Foundation Inc.

picwauThe mayor’s office and Wausau’s region chamber of commerce have also supported the company’s employee and economic development programs. Wausau Window and Wall Systems held a celebration for the opening on August 23, joined by city mayor Robert Mielke and Planning, Community and Economic Development interim director Christian Schock. Chamber of Commerce president David Eckmann and other government and foundation leaders also attended.

Earlier this year, the Judd S. Alexander Foundation approved a proposal for construction of Wausau’s training lab to bring new jobs to the area. The grant was awarded in 2014.

“The idea for a dedicated production training lab was a vision cast a long time ago,” says Brian Vanden Heuvel, vice president of operations at Wausau Window and Wall Systems. “We considered it when designing our manufacturing center in 2008, but it took several years and many good people to make it possible. For it to become a reality took the Foundation, the City and a large cross-functional team within our company. Now, all of our new production associates located in both Wausau and Stratford will participate in and benefit from the lab training.”

Located within the company’ manufacturing center and in direct proximity to its production floor, the new training lab will serve as the primary site for a four-day employee orientation and operations training program.