USGlass Magazine’s 40th Annual Guide to New Products and Services

Whether you’re looking for bird-friendly products, new machinery, software or tools, you can read about all of these new products and more in the USGlass magazine 40th Annual Guide to New Products and Services. Use this Guide to read about some of the industry’s newest developments. If you have a new product that you’d like to submit for inclusion in a future Guide, email submissions and high-resolution images to Ellen Rogers at

Railings and Balustrades

Clear Lines

Glass Vice now offers its Clearline frameless glass balustrade system, which uses its patented Double Friction technology to fasten glass into place securely without requiring holes.

As a base shoe alternative, Clearline is a side-mounted option that uses two stainless steel panel-mount brackets on a glass panel up to 6 feet wide. The balustrade system can also accommodate ½-inch tempered glass using a Nanorail top edge.

According to the company, the Clearline system has been evaluated for structural and durability properties. It complies with the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, and codes adopted by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

Going Modular

The CRL DRX modular door rail system from C.R. Laurence is a patented modular system that deconstructs a standard door rail into independent parts. This allows greater control over when, where and how door rails are installed, adjusted and updated, according to the company.

The DRX system features independent side covers and end caps that can be installed or replaced without removing the door from the pivot. The system also features 10½-inch rail bodies that can be moved along the glass to accommodate standard or custom door lengths.

The CRL Kwik-Adjust pivot alignment system allows +/- 2 degrees of door angle adjustment to align it to the adjacent sidelite or door. Side-to-side 3/16-inch adjustments in either direction can also be made to the door while in the pivot. The modular door rail system has been tested to 500,000 cycles to ensure durability. A proprietary Jaw-Lock mechanism is built into the rail bodies for glass clamping strength to withstand a pull force test of up to 1,300 pounds.

Post Free Views

The Ocula is the newest glass windscreen system from Sightline Commercial Solutions. Inspired by the company’s Ascent post-supported glass windscreen, the Ocula has a post-free, clamp-supported design.

The Ocula windscreen system is designed to divert wind while elevating architectural aesthetics in applications such as pool surroundings, balcony dividers and elevated overlooks. At guardrail height (43 inches), the system can withstand windloads up to 86 psf.

Ocula features stainless steel clamps and can be paired with clear, frosted or fritted glass. The system comes in varying heights for guardrails (43 inches), pool surrounds (48 inches) or balcony dividers (60 inches). Custom heights are also available.

Fire-Rated Products

Fire Protection

Laminators Inc. launched a new non-combustible insulating glazing panel that provides fire protection when installed in window, glazing and curtainwall systems. The 1-inch thick InfernoShield is constructed of a calcium silicate core sandwiched between stabilizers with a finished aluminum sheet on each face. It offers various finishes, including anodized,
polyester or Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based metal coatings.

Fire Rated + Forced Entry

Fyre-Tec has introduced what it says is the industry’s first-fully tested window assemblies for both fire-rating and forced entry. Designed with clean lines for institutional, hospital or government projects when fire code and building security are essential, the line offers fixed and operable windows. It can be used in applications such as interior vestibules and reception areas where occupant safety is an elevated concern.

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Measures

Magid’s M-GARD® garments with AeroDex® Technology integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques for up to 30% lighter protection. According to the company, its unique garments (with optional mesh back) allow body heat to dissipate and promote airflow while delivering critical ANSI Cut Level A7-A9 cut protection. The company says its innovative lineup of cut-resistant garments are designed specifically to provide protection from hazards in the glass industry, while keeping those wearing them cool and comfortable.

Bird-Friendly Glass

Friends of the Feathers

BirdCare from Laurier Architectural, an affiliate of Novatech Group, is the company’s new bird-friendly glazing solution. According to the company, BirdCare meets the Canadian standards of mandatory surface one marker applications, and the production method doesn’t disrupt the effectiveness of low-E glass.

Laurier also says it can apply its product to tempered and non-tempered glass surfaces. BirdCare patterns also can be applied to cut sections of finished sealed units, allowing for a perfect horizontal and vertical alignment.

Doors and Door Products

Privacy, Please

Customers can combine PRL’s aluminum slider and Switch it privacy glass for a unique movable wall solution. The switchable smart glass allows users to change from transparent to opaque on demand for increased privacy, custom shading and energy efficiency. The company says the privacy glass is activated by a switch, smart call or push of a button, giving users control over light transmission, obscuring vision and providing privacy. According to PRL the system allows end users maximum sunlight during the day
and privacy at night.

Decorative Glass

Dreamy Decorative Glass

Dreamwalls Backpainted Glass can be used as decorative wall cladding to add a pop of color to any space. The decorative glass panels are also versatile and can double as a markerboard for brainstorming and team meetings. The company can color match any color and produce magnetic options, as well. The products are also available on MasterSpec, SpecLink and MaterialBank.

Low Iron Textures

Reeded, Micro Ribbed, Flemish, Stream Ribbed and Stylos S are new low iron textured pattern additions to GGI’s decorative glass. In addition to unique aesthetics, each design offers up to 90% visible light transmission, which GGI says is ideal for daylighting and light sharing between spaces. The company also says the ultra-clear, low iron substrate yields a true color rendering for shower enclosures, door and cabinet inserts and glass partitions. Textured patterned glass is available in different sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 5/32 inches up to 3/8 inches.

Thin is In

Pulp Studio has expanded its proprietary DermaGlass collection with DermaAR. This acid-etched, ultra-thin architectural material is durable, lightweight and resilient for exterior facades and interior applications.

DermaAR measures 1.3 mm thick and is a low-iron glass in sizes up to 58 by 118 inches. According to Pulp, the glass is strong, flexible, light-weight and scratch-resistant. It can be used with the company’s Pintura, a water-based backpainted glass, or laminated with a printed graphic interlayer. DermaGlass and DermaAR provide multiple design options, such as bent glass column surrounds or customized decorative shapes, while addressing performance needs for surface strength.

Shower Door Supplies

Seal Trim with Strybuc

Strybuc Industries is now stocking a new seal trimmer designed to help simplify the job of shower installers. Strybuc’s part 59-187 is called the Sweep$aver and is patented for cutting the vinyl soft-legs of sweeps and seals on frameless shower doors. The company says its balanced design allows users to cut through the vinyl soft-legs, leaving an even cut. It has six height-cutting options, each in 1/16-inch increments, and is made from
ABS polymer to decrease floor damage if dropped. The Sweep$aver is designed for right- and left-handed users and made in the USA.

Architectural Metals

Totally Modular

The PAC-CLAD Modular AL wall panel system from Petersen can be used for unique metal cladding surfaces using panels of various sizes, depths and colors. Designers can specify standard panel sizes or define dimensions and depths to create bespoke patterns. Vertical or horizontal panels can be combined on the same layout, and Modular AL panels can be finished in any combination of the PAC-CLAD colors. The panels can feature perforated patterns, words or logos, shapes or images, and can be installed on plywood, insulation, purlins or a combination.

Window Film

Smart Film

Vela Smart Film from Avery Dennison transforms glass to deliver privacy with the flip of a switch. Designed to be applied to almost any interior glass and engineered for easy maintenance, the company says Vela enhances the appearance and functionality of spaces by dynamically switching from transparent to frosted opaque. In its off state, Vela doubles as a whiteboard surface that can be written on and erased.

Equipment Supplies

Returning Thunder

Salem Fabrication Supplies announced it is bringing back its core drill line, the Thunder Cut. The Thunder Cut line of drills offers self-dressing capabilities and has an increased feed rate of up to 1.8 mm/s. These drills are designed for heavy industrial use on CNC machinery and available in 75-mm and 95-mm overall lengths. According to Salem, the Thunder Cut drills have significantly reduced cycle times compared to similar products. Their specific bond design has achieved three to four times the life expectancy of standard core drills.

Tools and Supplies

All-In-One Tool Storage

Groves Inc. offers an all-in-one tool storage system where users can store all their tools, accessories, and other small items in one safe and secure location. Engineered with welded steel construction and powder-coated, Groves says the heavy-duty system combines durability and security with functionality and organization.

The space-saving locker is available as a mobile system with either two or three individual lockers or as a wall-mounted system arranged with any quantity of individual lockers. Each separate locker measures 20 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 72 inches tall and comes standard with three shelf levels and a rear security panel. Systems can be customized with additional shelves, optional metal peg boards and metal louvered panels, as well as a security door and security shelf.


Going for Triples

PDS IG Equipment LLC now has general availability of fully automated production systems that can produce single spacer, thin triple pane insulating glass units (IGUs). The equipment allows users to fabricate made-to-order triple pane IGUs that are lighter and thinner than traditional two spacer triple panes, according to the company. The triple pane automation equipment is compatible with PDS’s T17 dual pane IG production platform, allowing the production of both dual and triple pane IGUs on the same line.

It’s Automatic

The FPS50M3 edger by Schiatti Angelo, available through DeGorter, is a fully automatic grinding and polishing machine. The line handles flat edges and arrisses with a variable miter angle from 0° to 45°. It can also self-adjust based on the glass sheet being processed.

Sensors detect the glass, then measure its thickness. Before the glass enters the machine, the system verifies that the glass thickness corresponds to the one set for processing. If the sensors pick up a discrepancy, the edger will independently adjust the conveyor to the thickness detected and adjust the processing speed based on previously set parameters.

The spindles, diamond and polishing are all automatic and self-adjust; the machine performs the setting each time it is switched on.

2-for-1 Robotics

The Lattuada-Knittel polisher and robot can reach a throughput up to 130 meters high, considering a speed of 3 meters per minute and can handle glasses with dimensions 1600 by 600 by 8 mm and 1000 by 2000 by 8 mm. The system also has a device to control the glass edge correct position. Customers can load the glasses on the rack without a reference/zero point. When turning it 90°, the bottom edge can be slightly higher/lower than the standard zero line. The robot is not fixed on the floor but runs on a track, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 2.35 meters per second.

Washing Evolution

The latest evolution of the Forel vertical washing machine is available in four models, with a maximum size of up to approximately 19 by 10 feet and 1 37/64 inch thickness. The maximum weight it can process is 440 pounds per linear meter, and the washing machine is equipped with six brushes (up to an optional eight brushes) comprising either approximately 8 or 10 inches in diameter. Standard features include devices for glass thickness reading and automatic low-E detection. The water system can be heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit as an option.

Glass Coatings

Keep it Clean

Vitrum Glass Group now offers the EnduroShield coating for glass protection and easy maintenance. The EnduroShield coating chemically bonds to the substrate, transforming the glass into a high-performance, hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil-repellent) surface, protecting it against staining and etching.

The coated glass can be used in applications such as shower glass, laminated glass, railings, balustrades and canopies.

Colorful Coatings

AquaVue is a two-component, water-based siliconized acrylic interior glass coating from ICD available in 16 standard colors, including pastels and vibrant, saturated hues. Color matching is also available.

AquaVue can be applied by roller coater, manual spray or automatic spray equipment onto various types of glass, including annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, reflective, pattern/texture or high-performance glass, usually on surface two. It can be either ambient or low-temperature oven cured and offers easy clean-up with water, according to the company.


Play it Smart

Smart-Toolbox from Smart-Builder is a glazing job management system specifically for the glass industry. It is designed to streamline the entire team’s quoting, scheduling, ordering and invoicing processes. Intuitive glass job statuses and a user-friendly dashboard allow users to identify and address potential mistakes before they become problems. Interactive online quotes let customers visualize a glass or shower, accept the quote and make online payments.

Also available is the Smart-Glass Enterprise, an e-commerce platform for glass that integrates with existing glass fabrication software. The user-friendly platform allows glaziers to send orders to fabricators and integrates with various glass software. It exports files to other fabrication software systems, with auto-cad files for CNC and waterjet machines.

Impact-resistant Systems

Passing the Test

The Jamestown175 Series hurricane pivot doors from Hope’s Windows Inc. have passed stringent wind tests and are certified for use within hurricane and impact zones. The doors adhere to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code and High Velocity Hurricane Zone standards.

The series includes 6-foot wide by 11-foot tall single panel doors; time-tested solid, hot-rolled steel; ultra-thin sightlines; and the company’s exclusive Power of 5 Finishing System. They are tested for TAS-201 (large missile impact), TAS-202 (structural), TAS-203 (cyclic load), air infiltration, water and design pressure of +/- 60.0 PSF.


The X-Drive

Roto North America has introduced its X-Drive HD program, a hardware system that allows casement window sashes to reach weights up to 200 pounds on a 40- by 90-inch window. The line includes X-Drive HD operators, the Supreme Hinge, Limiter and a 14.5-inch Facemount track. X-Drive HD operators are available in both OP06 and OP08 platforms in 304 SST. The company says the HD operators meet AAMA industry standards, achieve 8000 cycles and are rated to C-AW40.

The 304 SST Supreme Hinge track and shoe provides an additional load capacity of up to 200 pounds, according to Roto. The standard 7/16-inch cavity hinge offers 4 mm of adjustment, a proprietary low friction coating to reduce opening force, and a flared track entrance for easy sash assembly. The HD Dual Arm X-Drive Operator has a limit device to keep openings at 60 degrees or less.


Give Mirrors a Velour Finish

Walker Glass is expanding its mirror line with a new acid-etched option, the Walker Textures velour full-surface acid-etched mirror. The new acid-etched finish is slightly more matte than satin mirror but glossier than opaque. Walker offers velour mirror in 100 by 144 inches in clear and Starphire glass. Like its other acid-etched mirrors, velour acid-etched mirror is available on a bronze-tinted base, in grey or clear glass, or Starphire low-iron glass.

Inspection Equipment

The Owl Inspection

The Owl 5 tempering furnace optimization system is the newest addition from LiteSentry-Softsolution. The patented, fully automated system can discern glass types, coatings, thickness and parts locations. The equipment uses that information to automatically select the optimal recipe, which is transmitted to the furnace control system for implementation.

The Owl 5 has all the features of the company’s Load Validator geometry and fault detection system. The Load Validator detects issues such as overlapping pieces, broken corners and wide loads. If any non-conforming conditions exist, the system will stop the conveyor to prevent breakage in the furnace and quench.

In addition, the company has also introduced its TS4000 Thickness and Coating Sensors. The TS4000 can discern each product type, identify the surface of low-E coatings, measure the thickness of glass, discern colored glass, and all variations of coating and glass combinations. The coated surface can be identified on double and triple IGU.

The sensor and controller can be placed on vertical or horizontal applications such as IG, lamination, coating, and tempering lines to ensure accuracy prior to adding further value or it can be integrated to confirm double or triple IGU as a final quality check.

Web Tools

Online GlassTool

Şişecam has updated its online GlassTool to help make glass selection easier. New features include creating a performance table with different glass combinations and language options. Şişecam reports that the system has been validated by the independently accredited institution Inisma, according to EN 17871, and is the first application to receive validation for NFRC calculations.

The new features in the tool allow users to: calculate performance on a broad scale; select the unit of measurement in “mm” or “inch;” calculate with European (EN) and American (NFRC) standards; change angles, and calculate performance for facades with different angles; access products with the quick search option; access CE documents and BIM Objects.

System users can also download the performance result page in PDF format; save projects and templates and retrieve deleted ones from trash; create a performance table with different combinations; create five-layer laminated combinations; and calculate by adding enamel paints to different sub-category glass products.

A New Realm of Design

The new VitroSphere digital glass simulator is the latest resource from Vitro Architectural Products. The simulator is designed to allow users to explore, visualize and compare the aesthetics of more than 20 Solarban® low-E glass products across five building types at various times of day and weather conditions from both the interior and exterior of the building.

With the click of a button, users can compare facades and see what their product selection looks like on the type of project they’re designing. The VitroSphere digital glass simulator also connects users to relevant product data, literature and the company’s other glass design tools to help in product

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