What’s new? It’s a question we commonly ask and are asked while attending and covering shows like GlassBuild America. Sometimes it’s a cool new product or machine. Other times I hear about new projects being built. There’s a lot that can be deemed “new” at a show. But after two days on the floor, here’s my take on what’s new this year.

People are busy—very busy. Booths were packed on Wednesday and there has been an overall positive vibe from just about everyone I spoke to.

We were even lucky enough to catch up with Salem Distributing and HHH yesterday. The two companies are partnering on a joint venture, Glass Tempering Resources (LINK).

Digital printing continues to draw interest and this year there were multiple companies exhibiting in this area. These included Tecglass, represented by Arrow Systems, as well as Durst. It’s exciting to see how this segment has evolved over the past decade and all the cool graphics, colors and designs that are possible.

Machinery wasn’t the only busy segment. Deceuninck also had lots to announce. The company in fact is starting up a new plant in Turkey, a country it considers “the gateway to the rest of the world,” given the massive amount of growth in demand for doors and windows. This includes both new construction and replacement. The company is also staying busy in the states. In fact, they will soon be breaking ground in Reno on what will be Deceuninck North America West. The plant, which is expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2016, will have six extrusion lines and enough space for a total of 24.

So, it’s not always a product that makes the big news at these shows. Sometimes the answer to “what’s new?” can come in a variety of forms. What’s new with you? I’d love to know. Drop me a line or share your comments below.