Officials in Stratford, Ontario, say Xinyi Canada Glass could be coming to town. According to Stratford’s economic development corporation, investStratford, a potential development for Xinyi’s first Canadian facility is being considered on lands at the southwest corner of Stratford near the Wright Business Park.

Xinyi Canada Glass has been pursuing a manufacturing facility in Ontario since 2018, according to local reports. Last week, investStratford confirmed that the potential $400 million development would bring approximately 320 jobs.

In February 2020, the Municipal Councils of the City of Stratford, the County of Perth and the Township of Perth South each approved boundary adjustments to include within the city certain lands previously located in the township and county. According to investStratford, in July 2020, the boundary adjustment was approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and a Minister’s Zoning Order was also applied to some of the lands.

The purpose of the boundary adjustment and Minister’s Zoning Order was to create new opportunities for industrial development in the city.

Joani Gerber, investStratford’s chief executive, said it’s a significant economic development opportunity and a potential “good news story” for the community with “an awful lot of positive economic impact.”

According to investStratford, Xinyi Canada Glass is planning to host a public information session in a few weeks to provide Stratford residents with additional information about the development. As of press time, the company had not respond to USGNN™’s request for comment.