Much more than a passing trend or fleeting fad, the demand for energy efficiency in homes and commercial spaces is growing by leaps and bounds—and it makes economic sense for building managers and homeowners who save money from lower electric bills with energy-efficient doors and windows.

Recognizing this need, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) will have a series of informational sessions at its 2020 Spring Committee Meeting in College Park, Md., on March 16. The goal is to give engineers, architects, code officials and others involved in the sustainable building supply chain access to the best experts, data and science available. With more than 30 years of experience providing ratings of windows, doors and skylights, NFRC has the necessary information to help homeowners and office building owners reduce their carbon footprint and build a sustainable future, according to the organization.

A recent study found the $28 billion door and window market has a projected 4% growth through 2023. The strength of the industry goes beyond the latest in construction trends to include energy-efficiency standards that contribute to “whole-building design.” This means all parts of the building are designed and built to work together as a complete system, instead of just as a collection of individual parts.

Along with a chance to learn about the latest green building trends and network with leading experts, attendees will be eligible for AIA and LEED credits. Click here to register.