San Francisco-based Kinestral Technologies partnered with the AGC Group to bring its dynamic glass products to market.

According to Kinestral, the companies will collaborate to complete product development, build a large manufacturing facility and market the introduction of its dynamic glass products. They plan to start volume production by the second half of 2017.

Director of product management Craig Henricksen says he can’t share any specifics on the future manufacturing facility, but more details will be announced later this year. He says Kinestral has been developing its product since 2010 in “stealth mode,” and the company has since paired with AGC in starting up and operating its pilot production line in Hayward, Calif.

According to Henricksen, Kinestral’s dynamic glass technology allows for quicker speed and improved optical performance over products already on the market, and that “uniformity” for a variety of applications is a key focus.

He says AGC’s knowledge and capabilities will help Kinestral bring its product to market faster. “Their experience in mass producing large quantities of high quality glass is unparalleled,” he says. “And in terms of distribution, they understand the glass market and how the industry works.”

Kinestral’s dynamic glass will be produced for commercial and residential buildings, as well as transportation applications.

Jean-François Heris, general manager of the building glass division of AGC, says “the trend to nearly zero energy building is reducing the use of glazings in favor of thick opaque walls, or concealing them behind solar shading systems.” Because of this, he says AGC “is committed to remove these constraints by introducing a game changing range of energy efficient glazing solutions that will at the same time create emotional ties with people by connecting them to their environment.”