In celebration of 29 years in business, Wolverine Glass Products (WGP) has moved to a newly renovated 130,000-square-foot facility in Grand Rapids, Mich.

As part of the expansion the company has added a a 96”X198” full convection North Glass tempering furnace sold, installed and serviced by HHH Tempering Resources. With this addition the company is adding a full-line commercial glass interior wall system to its offerings.

“We’ve been tempering oversized glass on our existing 84”X180” HHH Tempering furnace for five years. As we planned for a future with larger glass specifications, it made sense to expand our oversized glass capabilities with our long-time tempering equipment partners at HHH Tempering Resources,” says Rodger Ruff, WGP vice president.

The newly remodeled facility allows WGP to consolidate all glass fabrication processes into one building and integrate Fenevision production management, according to the company.