Architecture Masterprize has announced its 2021 winners, including two recent projects from YKK AP America.

The JST Production Engineering Center received the highest honor in the Commercial Architecture category and was named Design of the Year. The center is the Japanese electrical connector company’s newest facility in Swatara Township, Pa. The geometrical design of the 52,000-square-foot center represents a deep connection to nature, taking inspiration from tree roots, according to the company. The connected wood structures are part of a sustainable design approach using poplar laminated beams, deep roof overhangs, flow-through ventilation and a floor-to-ceiling glass exterior composed of 40% glass.

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences was recognized in the Cultural Architecture category with an Honorable Mention. The building’s design reflects the prismatic and layered rock formations of Texas canyons. Expansive spans of glass create a seamless transition for visitors entering the space, while almost 80 feet of sloped glazing above the main entrance creates a unique skylight and interior glass creates a sense of openness throughout, according to YKK AP.