Celebrations seem a little more exciting this year than in the past. So many businesses have suffered the realities of country-wide lockdowns and curfews that when milestones come around, it’s hard not to feel an extra tinge of joy.

YKK AP is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has decided to commemorate each year of its story.

“We have been going back to our history, and we’re highlighting with our employees and our customers different milestones and achievements that we’ve had throughout the [years]… that helped us become [and] get as far as we are today,” said Jamilla Walcott, director of marketing at YKK AP.

Walcott said that for 30 weeks, the company will be sharing these milestones and accomplishments chronologically through social media. The first included photos of YKK’s groundbreaking to commemorate their incorporation on April 24, 1991, in Dublin, Ga. These weekly posts to social media are just one way YKK AP recognizes its 30-year growth and expansions. According to Walcott, the company currently has 10 branches made up of over 1,300 employees – six of whom have been with the company since its inception and another 15 who have been there since the plant commenced operations in 1992.

YKK AP has grown from initially servicing the East Coast to a national architectural products company today. According to company information, it first entered the market with aluminum products made by YKK AP Japan in 1984 and opened a branch in Atlanta in 1986. With an interest in establishing a significant presence in the U.S., YKK AP America Inc. was incorporated in April 1991.

Celebrating an anniversary does not halt the progress YKK makes. A new office in Atlanta has already opened and is in the process of receiving further additions. With plans for a showroom, and designated training space, the location overlooks Centennial Park with views of the city — even including some of YKK AP’s own projects. The company hopes that with this new location, there will be greater appeal for current and future employees.