YKK AP America has expanded its direct freight shipping program to include customers in California and Arizona. The program, already established in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Southwest regions, reduces the use of less-than-truckload transportation and improves the overall customer experience by providing a more direct, efficient way to receive shipments, limiting the potential for damage.

“The direct freight shipping program uses a dedicated logistics system to handle transportation and deliveries. Due to the longer distances shipments have to travel in our western states, packaging and handling procedures are critical to minimizing any potential for damage,” says Dennis Howard, manager of transportation and logistics at YKK AP America.

Shipments are scheduled to deliver on specific days each week, enabling the customer to improve productivity by better scheduling their labor needs. The system also maintains the flexibility to order and receive full truckloads outside of the regularly scheduled route service.

“As we continue to grow our presence in California and Arizona, the Western region was the next natural fit for the expansion of the direct freight shipping program,” says Howard. “… We have received a highly positive response to it in other regions and are proud to continue our expansion into this rapidly growing market.”