YKK AP Inc. has issued its Integrated Report for 2021, which serves as a communication tool for all stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, and local communities, and organizes financial and non-financial information and medium-to-long-term business initiatives from the perspective of sustainability. The annual report also conveys the current status of YKK AP’s progress toward its business policy of “Providing social value through products and realizing manufacturing reform.”

In 2021, YKK AP Inc. added a new purpose: “We Build a Better Society Through Architectural Products.” This new creed, the company says, shows the significance of the organization’s existence.

To be a company that makes society happy through business activities, YKK AP Inc. is working to solve various social issues such as climate change and disasters, changes in demographics, health and comfort, safety and security, and environmental problems. A special feature of the 2021 report introduces YKK AP’s product development and business activities that address these social issues. YKK AP Inc. will continue to contribute to solving social issues through its business activities and strengthen communication with stakeholders by actively disclosing information.

In North America, YKK AP America’s focus remains on building upon its foundation as a leading architectural products manufacturer.

“From product performance to sustainable design, we think of ourselves as a partner. A partner in imparting knowledge, in pushing innovation and in sharing ideas for the good of society. By honoring this ‘Cycle of Goodness’ philosophy introduced by our founder Tadao Yoshida, we continue to improve upon our value,” said Oliver Stepe, president of YKK AP America. “This year’s report demonstrates our continued commitment to understanding the needs of our society and introducing philosophies, practices and products that will continue to benefit the greater good.”