YKK AP America Inc. announced key promotions of its leadership team. Company officials say the advancements reflect the organization’s increasing scale.

“These promotions are a true recognition of the continued hard work, dedication and immense value that these leaders continue to bring to our evolving organization,” says CEO and president Oliver Stepe. “Strategically, these changes also reflect the increasing scale of our organization and set it up for future success. Each of these promotions is designed to place extra effort and emphasis on growing our existing commercial and residential businesses while simultaneously strengthening our foundation to prepare for further scaling of our business.”

Organizational changes follow the addition of two division presidents and the grand opening of the company’s new $125 million residential manufacturing facility in Macon, Georgia.

Those promoted include:

  • Toby Gould: He currently serves as the vice president of finance. He will now serve as YKK’s senior vice president and chief financial officer.
  • Allen Mathis: He is currently the senior vice president of operational excellence; He now takes on the additional role of senior vice president and chief operations officer.
  • Jamilla Walcott: She has been promoted to vice president of marketing and product management.
  • Patrys Wiid: She was promoted from her current position as vice president of organizational excellence to senior vice president and chief human resources officer.
  • Key Wynn: She is currently the vice president of corporate counsel and will now assume the role of vice president of general counsel.

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