YKK AP America Inc. announced it expanded its direct freight service program to the Northeastern and Midwest U.S. markets. The company had previously launched programs in the Texas, Gulf Coast, Florida, Southwest, and Central U.S. regions and decreased the use of less-than-truckload transportation.

YKKAP_Freight System“YKK AP is dedicated to providing the best service and product quality to its customers,” says Dennis Howard, transportation and logistics manager, YKK AP America. “Our direct freight program allows us to continue to provide that undisputed level of service and quality. We want our customers to receive quality products when they need them, without the risk of damage in the delivery process. This is a delivery service they can count on.”

According to the company, the program utilizes a dedicated logistics system with company trucks to handle transportation and deliveries. Each shipment is moved by hand. Additionally, shipments are scheduled for delivery on a regular date.

The program will be rolled out to additional sales regions over the next year, according to YKK.