An employee of Yuanda Canada Enterprise Ltd. has been found after disappearing from his temporary home in Burnaby, British Columbia, local police say.

Ding Xu, a 30-year-old Chinese citizen, had been in Vancouver for nearly three months working as an accountant for the Chinese corporate giant that manufactures curtainwall systems when he disappeared from his temporary Burnaby home on June 22. He was the subject of a large regional search and much media attention.

“He has been found,” says a spokeswoman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), declining any further comment.

The circumstances behind his disappearance and the timing of his return remain unclear, but Xu’s roommate and colleague, Bruce Zhang, says it was unusual for Xu to ever arrive home late, let alone fail to return at all.

“Ding is a really good guy and he never stays out all night and always goes home before 11 p.m.,” says Zhang, a technical support worker, in an interview with the local newspaper, The Providence.

Zhang told the paper that he last saw Xu at their apartment in 4288 Grange St.

“I went to the market and I thought he just went walking at Deer Lake Park or Capilano Suspension Bridge like usual, but he didn’t go home until Sunday night,” he says.

According to Zhang, Xu left all his belongings except for his cell phone and some cash.

Fearful of the worst, the RCMP had begun contacting AT&T, his cell phone’s provider, to track Xu’s phone. Efforts to reach officials at Yuanda China, the parent company of Yuanda Canada Enterprise Ltd., for comment were unsuccessful on Thursday. Stay tuned to for more updates as they are made available.