Decorative discussions and mirror division activities were among the topics on the agenda during the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) Fall Conference underway at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. Nearly 140 attendees are taking part in the conference this week—up from about 100 in 2012.

In addition to committee sessions, today’s Fall Conference also included a town hall-style lunch meeting where attendees were encouraged to take part in open discussions about a variety of GANA activities and programs.

During the decorative division meeting, chaired by Marc Deschamps with Walker Glass, the group reviewed a number of documents and projects. These included a glass informational bulletin (GIB) in the works on assessing the durability of decorative glass, which is being balloted at the board level. The division also reviewed other possible projects, such as working with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) on a document to provide quantifiable measurements of decorative glass. The group is exploring this topic as it could be a way to ensure decorative glass products are included in the LBNL database.  

Other topics discussed include the performance standards of shower glass doors, as well as how to properly install backpainted glass with adhesives. Likewise, within the standards subcommittee, the group will work on a standard on performance and testing of coatings in backpainted decorative glass products. Other areas of focus included a document on the durability and testing of painted, decorative interior-mounted glass. Once completed, the group will look at addressing exterior applications in the same manner.

Another discussion topic was the weatherability and durability of decorative glass products. The group will look at creating a GIB. One attendee spoke up in support, saying, “There is a perception in the industry that decorative glass is not as strong and as durable [as other glass products], so anything you can do to change that would be helpful.”

The mirror division also met during today’s meetings and was chaired by Mandy Marxen of Gardner Glass Products. Marxen shared that once again the question has been raised as to whether the mirror division should become a part of the decorative division. For the most part, members in attendance spoke in support of this change, noting the two groups can share synergies, resources and organizational efficiencies. However, they also agreed that if this happens, the mirror division should still maintain some form of autonomy.

Marxen, though, felt the division should remain as its own body.

“We have different concerns as a division/industry than what they deal with on the decorative side,” she said. “We are still very different than the rest of decorative glass on different issues,” she said, noting that mirror products are still a commodity.

As another attendee noted, “It’s not a product issue, but an organizational issue and it makes sense to group/consolidate resources under one division to be more efficient.”

The division plans to form a task group to have discussions about where to go next.

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