Glass Performance Days (GPD) Finland began Tuesday in Tampere, Finland, with the workshop portion of the event. The theme of this year’s GPD is “Glass Technology, Design and Sustainability.”

The day’s workshops included “What You Should Know About World Flat Glass Industry and Business” by Bernard Savaëte of BJS; “Laminated Glass in Architectural Glass Structures” by Luc Moeyersons of Du Pont de Nemours in Belgium and Leo Breukers of Bridgestone; “Optimizing Glass Cutting and Grinding” by Peter Pokoern of Bohle AG and Michael Emonds of Aachener Chemische Werke; “Glass Chemical Strengthening by Ion Exchange” by Guglielmo Macrelli of Isoclima Spa; “Oh Dear! A Discussion About Glass Problems” by John Colvin of JCGC Limited; “An Introduction to Vacuum Insulating Glazing” by Dr. Cenk Kocer of the University of Sydney; “Critical Points in the Glass Tempering Process – How to Ensure Product Quality and Profitable Production” by Jonathan Barr of Safety Glass Experts International Oy Ltd.

The conference portion of the program begins Thursday and will include opening speeches by both Scott Thomsen, president of the global flat glass group for Guardian Industries Corp. and Kelly Schuller, CEO of Viracon. Thomsen’s presentation will be titled “Continuous Innovation: How Great Companies Renew and Refresh” while Schuller will address “Keeping Glass Viable as a Primary Commercial Building Envelope Component.” In addition, Jonathan Cohen, global business director for Dupont Glass Laminating Solutions’ Advanced Interlayers Division, will address “Global Megan Trends Impacting the Glass and Construction Market,” while Dan Futter, vice president of Dow Corning’s High-Performance Building Solutions and Solar Solutions Business, will give a presentation titled “Glass Business Challenges: Manage Your Portfolio and Product Life Cycle Right!”

Stay tuned to for more information throughout the week.

CLICK HERE for video from the event.