Flat glass manufacturer Guardian Industries has agreed to pay a $25,000 penalty to the Allegheny County Health Department as a result of past “air quality violations” at its Floreffe plant in Pennsylvania. The consent order and agreement, which was executed January 7, was announced by the Department this week.

According to the Department, the agreement stems from Guardian’s stopping construction on mandated air pollution control equipment, which the Department says “controls the manufacturing process’ nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds which form ground-level ozone or ‘smog.’” The new agreement mandates that installation of the equipment resumes and is finished by the end of 2015. It also stipulates penalties of up to $4,800—in addition to the $25,000—for each day the plant operates without the equipment.

According to the news site TribLive.com, Guardian stopped construction of the equipment, which was mandated under new state pollution laws in 2012, once the plant’s impending closure was announced. The county, however, still expected the job to get finished.

“We are disappointed that Guardian has missed these construction milestones and have negotiated this agreement to ensure that the plant installs this important equipment that is designed to reduce emissions of ozone-causing compounds,” says Jim Thompson, the Department’s deputy director of environmental health.

Guardian still plans to close the facility sometime this year but will honor the agreement.

“Guardian is pleased that we were able to reach a resolution of this issue with Allegheny County,” says John Buckner, plant manager of the Floreffe location. “In light of the announced retirement of the Floreffe facility in 2015, we believe this is the best resolution for all parties.”

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