PGT announced that it became a component in the S&P SmallCap 600(R) index after the close of trading on Friday, May 2.

The S&P SmallCap 600(R) is an index of 600 companies from leading industries with a market capitalization of $350 million to $1 billion. It is designed for investors seeking to replicate the performance of the U.S. equity market or benchmark against a representative universe of tradable stocks. The company will be added to the S&P SmallCap 600(R) GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) Industrials Sector and the Building Products Industry Group.

“The S&P U.S. Indices are widely recognized as leading indicators of the U.S. equities market performance, and we are honored to be part of such a distinguished and successful group of corporations,” says Jeff Jackson, executive vice president and chief financial officer of PGT Industries. “This is remarkable recognition for our company and our commitment to long-term, sustainable growth. We’d like to thank our board, employees and loyal customers for helping us achieve this significant milestone.”

PGT Industries also recently became a member of the Barron’s 400 Index. Barron’s 400 is an innovative measure of U.S. securities that are made up of the 400 strongest and most promising stocks in North America, out of more than 6,000, that score the highest when evaluated against the rigorous and fundamentals-based criteria.