Sage recently was granted its 300th patent for SageGlass® dynamic glazing technology.

In its latest round of patent filings, Sage had 18 new patents issued in the United States and Europe. The patents cover a range of product and process technologies for manufacturing dynamic glass.

Sage’s 300th milestone patent covers “lamination of an electrochromic device.” It was granted in Europe and will be applied in eight European countries.

“It’s fitting that we hit the 300 patent mark with a breakthrough next-generation electrochromic device patent,” says Dr. Alan McLenaghan, CEO. “The market is reaching a tipping point as we improve our ability to manufacture significant volumes of large architectural-size glass at an affordable cost for the mass market. We have invested strongly in [research and development] as well as the world’s best available manufacturing technologies to produce dynamic glass of uncompromising quality and reliability. Our patent portfolio is a testament to this history of innovation at Sage and our parent company, Saint-Gobain.”